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Photo looking along a dining table in a traditional looking dining room A newspaper is laid open at the head of the table. Light from a window which is just out of shot, lights up small paintings of countryside views hung on the earth red walls.

This is one of my favourite things on the Internet right now; bitly’s Real-Time Media Map.

A live media map of US allows us to see what media outlets are most popular in which states, in real time. (Or at least the organisations and people that share stories and sources via bitly link.)

It’s so interesting to see the most popular outlets change throughout the day, NY Times on East Coast, USA today in mid-west and LA Times on West coast as each state wakes up, and USA Today continues to dominate throughout the day. The evenings seem to hold much more variety.

The online only space seems the most diverse with Huffington Post being one of the most widespread whilst The Onion and Buzzfeed provide light relief to the masses. TechCrunch is the most popular in CA and WA (apple and Microsoft employees then) and Maryland and Virginia both hold Politico in high regard.

From a British perspective it’s surprising to see both the guardian and BBC to be amongst most popular too. All the ex-pats keeping up with the motherland perhaps?

Can only hope that the developers at bitly have time and resources to build a global version soon, or at least the ability filter by continent. The possibility to see the global reach of news organisations really would lift the lid on analytics we rarely get to see.

Would love to see some little quirks appear too. Sydney Herald most popular in Argentina or Al Jazeera in Iceland!

Read more about the Media Map on bitly’s blog.

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