Print Journalism is dead. Long live Print Journalism /

I’m warning you now, this post is almost certainly going to finish on an almost entirely hypocritical point of view. Here we go. I love print journalism. I love the texture of a quality magazine. The gloss and shine of a brand new front cover. I’m pretty sure I love the postman who delivers myContinue reading “Print Journalism is dead. Long live Print Journalism /”

Finding space an audience /

15 years ago we started building the International Space Station. Over 13 continuous years of human occupation it has had more than 200 people aboard, nearly 90 residents as well as numerous ants, spiders, worms, jellyfish and rodents. It has witnessed over 82,000 sunrises and sunsets and has documented everything from volcanic eruptions and super storms to 9/11.Continue reading “Finding space an audience /”

Don’t take that tone with me /

Meet CARROT. It’s another one of those iOS productivity apps we see all too often, promising to help us improve our daily tasks. However, not many come with an ‘Or Else’ threat attached to clearing your to do list. The app’s tone of voice is what sets it apart from the crowd. But how doContinue reading “Don’t take that tone with me /”