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Print Journalism is dead. Long live Print Journalism /

I’m warning you now, this post is almost certainly going to finish on an almost entirely hypocritical point of view. Here we go. I love print journalism. I love the texture of a quality magazine. The gloss and shine of a brand new front cover. I’m pretty sure I love the postman who delivers my […]

Finding space an audience /

15 years ago we started building the International Space Station. Over 13 continuous years of human occupation it has had more than 200 people aboard, nearly 90 residents as well as numerous ants, spiders, worms, jellyfish and rodents. It has witnessed over 82,000 sunrises and sunsets and has documented everything from volcanic eruptions and super storms to 9/11. […]

A new Space Race /

We are at the dawn of a new, privatised, Space Age. Companies such as Space X and Virgin Galactic have the potential to create a huge boom in public interest in space again and for the first time, make space accessible to the general public (if you have $250k lying around that is).  Looking at […]


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